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Today was a beautiful day!!  We have had such mild, crazy gloomy weather of late that it was so lovely to have a sunny, mild, beautiful day that actually fell on the weekend.  This was the first Saturday in about forever that I didn't have any specific plans.  I cleaned our bedroom, boy did it need it.  I didn't get to our bathroom, but tomorrow's another day.  I went grocery shopping...it's pretty bad when you are even out of napkins.  I did all of our laundry and put it all away...haven't done that in a while either.  I made dinner...OK, it was frozen pizza, but I did add some ingredients to it.   But seriously, I haven't even turned on the stove in 2 weeks.  I went to the store with Joe and Jen...separately...I read a bit of my book and I watched a movie with Jen. 

Truly a great, enjoyable, lovely, catch-up day.  Tomorrow I have to do some work for work...but after breakfast out with my hubby...

Gearing up for this week.  As we are only 5 days away from our duck race...my busiest week of the year, I am glad that I can approach Monday feeling recharged and uplifted.  :)

TGFS (Thank God For Saturday!)


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