Aug. 6th, 2009 01:13 pm
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So I am technically on vacation this week, although I have talked to a co-worker 3 of the last 4 days and have checked and answered some work emails every day.  I wish I could just let go...I think it would take a much longer vacation to get me to that point. 

My SIL and I had our grand-daughters with us here at home until Tuesday - mine is exhausting, hers are not.  My grand-daughter lives in a completely different situation in which behaviors that I would never tollerate (and didn't tollerate with her dad) are OK.  I spent 3 days saying "don't do that Ariana, that isn't nice Ariana, that isn't lady like Ariana, what is wrong with you Ariana?????"  Frustrating,  but in the midst there were good times.  It's funny because I felt like I corrected her so much that she probably was glad to get home.  She told her mom that she didn't want to leave that she had such a good time.  Go figure.

Today I colored my hair to save money on going to the salon...I'm going back next month because the box lied!!!  I chose dark brown, looked at the side panel for what the color should look like, and colored away...except that on's black!  I told Joe I am entering my vampire/goth phase apparantly. I am going to sit in the sun and read a book for a bit, I am hoping it will start to fade!!!  :)

Tomorrow, I am going to Wisconsin for my long-awaited quilting weekend away with some friends.  They are picking me up at 9am and we will be stopping at 2 quilt shops that I haven't been to in forever and then up to the log cabin of wonderfulness.  I will thouroughly enjoy someone else cooking all of  my meals, cleaning all of the dishes and allowing me to do nothing but sew!!!  I have a couple of quilts I want to work on.  I just need to cut some fabric today...I'm forever the procrastinator!

I have other things to post about, more in depth, but they will have to wait for another day as the sun awaits!!!


Date: 2009-08-06 08:38 pm (UTC)
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Having grown up in a day care center (my mother's) and taught forEVER, it's been my experience that children are much happier with rules. Ariana had a wonderful time with you because you expected her to behave properly and she appreciated the attention. You're a good grandma!


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