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My next Blogging for Books installment - Judgment Day by Wanda Dyson was a page turner and offered some interesting twists right up to the end of the book. Bitter and ruthless, Suzanne Kidwell hosts a weekly cable show. Suzanne will do anything to get the scandalous dirt for her stories including embellishing and skipping real investigation and fact finding. She stumbles upon an organ harvesting ring and finds herself in the middle of a very scary mess. While being held captive she discovers some truths about herself and has to rely on her ex-fiance, whom she betrayed in college, and his partner, to help her. They are her only hope. 

Judgment Day is packed full of suspense, action and intrigue. A very enjoyable journey!

Thanks to Multnomah for the preview copy of this book!
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Divine Appointments. A coming of age story for Josie Brooks, approaching 50, pre-menopause. Josie struggles with never having put down roots, moving for her job from city to city, with no strong friend base. Until she lands in Chicago. Josie discovers friendship, balance and love. Secondary characters give the book depth and offer a genuine look into their lives from a Christian point of view. While the book is "Christian Fiction" there is not an "in your face" feel to it and this reader appreciated the subtle inclusion. An all-together fell good book the one distracting element was a secondary character's novel being written (poorly) throughout the storyline, but I was able to muddle through those sections and did truly enjoy the book.


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