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So after Jen's surgery when she had the horrible allergic reaction to the steri-strips I scheduled a visit to an allergist in hopes that we can determine all that she might be allergic to....WELL, let me tell you...we have quite the list...

She's allergic to Fragrance Mix, Black Rubber Mix, Colophony, Wool Alcohols, Balsam of Peru and Phenylenediamine and one other I don't have in front of me.

So the doctor is listing them and I thought, no problem...I've never heard of any of them except for fragrances (which to a girl is sad..) but, it turns out, they are in just about all of the products we/she uses on a daily basis.

She colored her hair a couple of weeks ago...yep, it contained Phenylenediamine. She uses Burt's Bees lip balm, yep, Wool Alcohols are in it. From her body wash, to her shaving cream, to her shampoo, to her lotion, to her deodorant, to her makeup and eyeliner. Everything must be changed. Including the brand of clothes detergent we use, which is the only one I am NOT allergic to. Guess we will be buying 2 kinds now! The list is long and daunting and the prospect of shopping with a list of words I don't understand (there is a huge list of ingredients for each of the main names) with eyes that don't always see the fine print anymore...I am not looking forward to the shopping...but, it must be done.


Not only is she allergic..but he ran a blood panel and one antibody came back positive...RNP. I looked it up online and it can be an indicator of Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hep C and Thyroid. The Dr. told me that her Thyroid, Kidney and Liver functions are perfect and that he doesn't want me to be alarmed by the positive RNP...TOO LATE! We will re-run it in 6 months since she has no symptoms of anything and see if it was a false positive or if we need to look into it for the future. BLAH. She is 18. I want her to have a long, healthy, pain free life. I know how devastating Lupus can be and I know people who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and it's not pretty.

We did suggest to her last night that she live in a bubble...like John Travolta in the movie...she didn't think it was very funny!
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Jen wanted me to spend the night with her at the hospital. I did it last time she had surgery and was given a recliner chair in her room (she had no roomate that time) and slept alright.

This time...She is in ICU, one of six beds. All of them are in worse shape than she is. Their various machines beep on and off all night long, one unfortunate soul was miserable all night long and despite the nurses caring for her and giving her pain medication, she cried on an off (she has to be over 75 I'm guessing). It was really heartbreaking. So, 1 1/2 hour sleep basically sitting straight up.

Jen is a happy girl today...she hasn't had a pain pill in 12 hours and her dad came up to the hospital today (he'd gone home to take care of the dog last night) and brought her a BIG BOX OF BUCKEYES!!! Her favorite candy! She was thrilled and has already eaten way too many.

We're bored stiff and waiting for her doctor to do rounds and the physical therapist to come see her. There's a pretty big snowstorm coming this afternoon (4-6 inches expected) so we'd really like her to be released before then.

We should have brought a game or something...
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Jen had surgery this morning. What was supposed to be a 2 hour surgery was a
4 hour surgery. The popliteal artery was completely encased in muscle and
scar tissue. Her vascular surgeon and the orthopaedic surgeon worked
together and released the artery and in the process had to remove 3 inches
of muscle.

She is currently in the ICU unit because the doctor wanted more
frequent monitoring of her leg and foot pulses, plus she has a drain where
the incision is. She has a leg immobilizer and that actually feels better to
her for some reason then how her leg was at the last surgery.

She really wants to go home. She is hoping to be released tomorrow, if not it will be Wednesday.


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