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Not much to report...

Saturday - Went on a 12 hour quilting retreat...finished most of a Triple Irish Chain quit top, I just need to add the borders and then send it off to the quilter. I will post pics sometime! Came home to a HOT house!!! No air conditioning was not very smart when we built this house!

Sunday - Church, which was very good...it was good to be back...I hadn't gone in probably a month. Stopped at the grocery store and the video store and went home to roast in the heat! The heat index temp was 106...It felt every bit of it in our house. Joe's sister, Deb and her son came over to spend the night...she and I watched Rumor Has It and Last Holiday before calling it a night. Thankfully it cooled down in the evening and made sleeping possible.

Monday - Made my famous french toast for breakfast and Deb grilled breakfast sausages on the grill outside...they were wonderful - grilling them is a great idea! Cleaned up and hung out in more heat. We visited out on the deck for awhile and then Deb and I watched The Family Stone, Sweet Home Alabama and Raising Helen...it was a movie marathon all weekend. In the middle of all that, we grilled burgers and brats and feasted on that with some fresh vegis and pasta salad. Very good! Deb and Mike left and Joe, Jen and I picked up and readied ourselves for getting back to work.


It was so nice to just veg and hang out and not have to be doing, doing, doing constantly. It was our first weekend actually off without obligations and work to be done.

The races begin now...next weekend is a working weekend and the following Jen leaves for a week long mission trip in Louisiana doing hurricane relief work and then she returns home on a Sat and leaves the following day for a week in Wisconsin and in between all of that we have graduations and family in town and lots to do!!!

Just thinking about all that's on our plate in the next month or so, I am really glad to have had a break!!! :-)


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