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My grandparents lived first in North Carolina and then in Florida. They would come to visit each December and stay for a month, going home just after New Years every year. However, sometimes throughout the year, they would visit my great-Aunt in California...as they were traveling from the East coast to the West coast they would always schedule a layover in Chicago and we would meet them at the airport and have lunch and they would carry on with their trip.

Except, when I was very young, I didn't realize they were on a trip. I thought they lived at the airport.

I was reminded of this fact as we were living in the hotel while in between homes last month.

Our son Jeff and his wife, Samantha brought their two kids, Ariana (3) and Ethan (1) swimming at the hotel and after a while in the pool, we all decided to head up to our room on the 4th floor. Ariana, loved pushing the button on the elevator to get us up to our floor. While we were up there I got something out of the fridge for Ariana and helped her change her clothes. While we shared these moments together she says..."Grandma, I love your new house!"

I wonder if she was dissapointed last week when she came over to our "real" new house. No elevator, no pool!


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